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Work From Home

5 Tips to Improve Zoom Meeting Audio Quality While Working From Home

Learn how to improve audio quality for Zoom meetings, Skype calls, videoconferencing and more with these simple tips for work from home professionals.

Work From Home

Why You Should Stop Using Your Laptop Mic For Zoom Meetings

Learn why your laptop microphone is ruining your Zoom meetings and how to fix it. Find the best microphone for Zoom, Skype and other conference call services.

Work From Home

Best USB Microphones for Working From Home

For crystal-clear sound during Skype calls, Zoom meetings and conference calls, check out our list of the best microphones for working from home.

Work From Home

How to Make Professional Sounding Conference Calls from Home

Learn how to make professional-sounding conference calls from home with our in-depth guide, including how to set up video calls, the best microphone settings, conference call etiquette and more.